EDM Snow Services New Plans Offer Affordable Snow Removal In Edmonton

The company is offering affordable snow removal through their monthly flat rate, on demand, and one-time services, reports www.edmsnow.ca.


(Alberta, Canada)—EDM Snow Services announced that their team is gearing up for winter and opening their appointment books for the 2017 snow removal season. The company is offering a full suite of removal services with a variety of frequency and payment plans, including monthly flat-rate, on demand, and one-time services. Those who are interested in making sure their property stays clear of snow and ice no matter the weather can book services with EDM via their convenient online form.

“The winter season often brings with it thoughts of cozy fires, hot chocolate, and holiday festivities. However, there’s no denying that there are less fun aspects of the season like freezing weather and snow. Unfortunately, it can be frustrating, annoying, and, for some people, impossible to deal with the physical demands of snow removal, especially if it snows often during the season. The good news is that we’re here to solve that problem with snow removal plans that fit every resident and business owner’s needs and budgets,” said Kevin S. of EDM Snow Services.

EDM serves residents and business owners in Downtown, North Edmonton, South Edmonton, and West Edmonton, Alberta. All of EDM’s monthly snow clearing plans come with unlimited shoveling for the month whenever snow accumulation rises above 1 cm. In addition to monthly flat-rate, on-demand, and one-time snow removal services, the company is also equipped to offer pet and plant-friendly salting and de-icing for those times where freezing temperatures lead to dangerous property conditions.

Kevin went on to say, “Whether it’s a senior homeowner who needs a little help making sure their property is safe after a snowstorm or a busy business owner who simply doesn’t have the time or proper equipment to clear the grounds, we’ve got Edmonton covered when it comes to their snow removal needs. We encourage customers to get in touch with us as soon as possible to ensure that they are able to stay worry-free as temperatures continue to plunge and the threat of snowfall becomes more real.”

Lean more about EDM Snow Services – Snow Removal Edmonton and fill out their short booking form at https://www.edmsnow.ca/directory/.

About EDM Snow Services:

Welcome to EDM Snow Services, one of Edmonton’s top snow removal companies. An ever-growing and expanding enterprise, EDM offers an array of snow clearing options to provide their customers with the best experience possible. With the goal of providing complete customer satisfaction upon the completion of each and every snow shoveling job, the company offers residential and commercial snow removal, salting and de-icing, and senior snow removal.

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